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Stream restoration in urban catchments through redesigning stormwater systems: looking to the catchment to save the stream
Abstract Restoration of streams degraded by urbanization has usually been attempted by enhancement of instream habitat or riparian zones. Such restoration approaches are unlikely to substantiallyExpand
Impediments and Solutions to Sustainable, Watershed-Scale Urban Stormwater Management: Lessons from Australia and the United States
Comparing experiences from Australia and the United States, two developed countries with existing conventional stormwater infrastructure and escalating stream ecosystem degradation, are highlighted to highlight challenges facing sustainable urban stormwater management and offer several examples of successful, regional WSUD implementation. Expand
SUDS, LID, BMPs, WSUD and more – The evolution and application of terminology surrounding urban drainage
The management of urban stormwater has become increasingly complex over recent decades. Consequently, terminology describing the principles and practices of urban drainage has become increasinglyExpand
Nutrient and sediment removal by stormwater biofilters: a large-scale design optimisation study.
The results demonstrate that vegetation selection is critical to performance for nitrogen removal, and that biofilters built according to observed 'optimal specifications' can reliably remove both nutrients and suspended solids. Expand
The Influence of Urban Density and Drainage Infrastructure on the Concentrations and Loads of Pollutants in Small Streams
Effective water quality management of streams in urbanized basins requires identification of the elements of urbanization that contribute most to pollutant concentrations and loads. DrainageExpand
Understanding, management and modelling of urban hydrology and its consequences for receiving waters: A state of the art
Urban hydrology has evolved to improve the way urban runoff is managed for flood protection, public health and environmental protection. There have been significant recent advances in the measurementExpand
Hydrologic and pollutant removal performance of stormwater biofiltration systems at the field scale
Summary Biofiltration systems are a recommended and increasingly popular technology for stormwater management; however there is a general lack of performance data for these systems, particularly atExpand
Nitrogen composition in urban runoff--implications for stormwater management.
The composition of nitrogen in Melbourne was broadly consistent with international data, and the level of dissolved inorganic nitrogen was higher in Melbourne than in the international literature, which has implications for stormwater management. Expand
Nitrogen removal in constructed wetland systems
Since the mid 1990s, constructed wetlands have been increasingly used as a low‐energy ‘green’ technique, in the treatment of wastewater and stormwater, driven by the rising cost of fossil fuels andExpand
Hydrologic shortcomings of conventional urban stormwater management and opportunities for reform
Conventional approaches to stormwater management for environmental protection fail because they do not address all of the changes to the flow regime caused by conventional stormwater drainage. InExpand