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Mammals of New Guinea
A definitive published work on the mammals of New Guinea, the world's second largest island. The book presents information on all aspects of the island's mammals.
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New Ages for the Last Australian Megafauna: Continent-Wide Extinction About 46,000 Years Ago
All Australian land mammals, reptiles, and birds weighing more than 100 kilograms, and six of the seven genera with a body mass of 45 to 100 kilograms, perished in the late Quaternary. The timing andExpand
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The Future Eaters: An Ecological History of the Australasian Lands and People
This is the story of how human beings have consumed the resources they need for their own future. It examines the original "future eaters" who were the first people to leave the Afro-Asian homelandExpand
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First Mesozoic mammal from Australia—an early Cretaceous monotreme
Here we describe Australia's first known Mesozoic mammal and the first known early Cretaceous mammal from Gondwanaland. Steropodon galmani n. gen. and sp., discovered in early Cretaceous sediments atExpand
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The Future Eaters
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Dinosaurs, dragons, and dwarfs: The evolution of maximal body size
Among local faunas, the maximum body size and taxonomic affiliation of the top terrestrial vertebrate vary greatly. Does this variation reflect how food requirements differ between trophic levelsExpand
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The weather makers : the history and future impact of climate change
This book tells the story of climate spanning millions of years to help readers understand the predicament faced today. By burning fossil fuels we are increasing the levels of greenhouse gases in ourExpand
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Phylogeny of the Pteropodidae (Mammalia, Chiroptera) Based on Dna Hybridization, With Evidence for Bat Monophyly
We constructed DNA-hybridisation matrices comparing 18 genera of Megachiroptera and an outgroup microchiropteran, and eight species of Pteropus and two related genera. Three species each ofExpand
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