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Synthesis and thermal properties of [n]‐polyurethanes
Aliphatic [n]-polyurethanes were obtained by catalytic polycondensation of suitable α-hydroxy-ω-O-phenyl urethanes (III). 1H and 13C NMR analyses of the resulting [n]-polyurethanes (3 a–g) show aExpand
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Interconversion of Alternating Poly(ester amide)s and Cyclic Ester Amides from Adipic Anhydride and α,ω‐Amino Alcohols
Poly(esters amide)s from adipic anhydride and α, ω-amino alcohols were obtained by polycondensation of α-carboxyl-ω-hydroxyl amides under mild conditions in solution or by bulk polycondensation atExpand
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Ring-Opening Polymerization of the Cyclic Ester Amide Derived from Adipic Anhydride and 1-Amino-5-pentanol
The ring-opening polymerization of the cyclic ester amide (cEA, 2) (systematic name, 1-oxa-7-aza-cyclotridecane-8,13-dione)prepared from adipic anhydride and 1-amino-5-pentanolin the melt atExpand
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Alternating poly(ester amide)s from glutaric anhydride and α,ω-aminoalcohols: synthesis and thermal properties
Abstract Alternating poly(ester amide)s 6a - e were prepared by polycondensation of α-carboxyl-ω-hydroxyamides 3a - e which were obtained by aminolysis of glutaric anhydride (1) andExpand
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A rubber composition having improved rebound resilience
The invention relates to a rubber mixture, in particular for pneumatic vehicle tires and flat belts, which contains at least one diene rubber, silica and not tailed additionally not tailed inExpand
Ring-Opening Polymerization of the Cyclic Ester Amide Derived from Adipic Anhydride and 1-Amino-6-hexanol in Melt and in Solution
The ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of the cyclic ester amide (cEA) 5 (systematic name, l-oxa-8-aza-cyclotetradecane-9,14-dione)- prepared from adipic anhydride and 1-amino-6-hexanol - in the meltExpand
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Procedure to retouch covered surfaces of the substrate.
Procedure to retouch covered body surfaces vehicles comprising the following successive steps: a) optionally preparing a defective area to be repaired; b) providing at least one backing film coatedExpand
This study aimed to evaluate the response of wheat to the application of NPK + POLIHEXOSE leaves. The experiment was conducted in the municipality of Maripá PR, b etween the months of April andExpand
Thermodynamics of 2‐Methyltrimethylene Urethane, its Polymerization in Bulk and of Poly(2‐methyl‐trimethylene urethane) Between 0 and 335 K
In an adiabatic vacuum calorimeter thetemperature dependence of the heat capacity C p 0 of crystalline 2-methyltrimethylene urethane (MTU; systematic name: 5-methylperhydro-1,3-oxazin-2-one) and ofExpand