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Native Americans and the Practice of Archaeology
▪ Abstract Archaeologists are in the midst of restructuring their relationship with Native Americans. The legal, political, social, and intellectual ramifications of this process are reviewed toExpand
Memory Pieces and Footprints: Multivocality and the Meanings of Ancient Times and Ancestral Places among the Zuni and Hopi
The notion of the "contested past" has grown to be an important topic in anthropological research in recent decades, linking such themes as nationalism, identity, museology, tourism, and war. InExpand
Isolation and characterization of an h(2)-oxidizing thermophilic methanogen.
A thermophilic methanogen was isolated from enrichment cultures originally inoculated with sludge from an anaerobic kelp digester (55 degrees C). This isolate exhibited a temperature optimum of 55 toExpand
Emendation of the Genus Thermobacteroides: Thermobacteroides proteolyticus sp. nov., a Proteolytic Acetogen from a Methanogenic Enrichment
Thermobacteroides proteolyticus sp. nov. was isolated from a methanogenic enrichment culture inoculated from a thermophilic digestor (55°C) that was fermenting tannery wastes and cattle manure. TheExpand
Historic Zuni Architecture and Society: An Archaeological Application of Space Syntax
The historic architecture and settlements of the Zuni Indian Tribe in western New Mexico provide an unusual opportunity to investigate social change. In this monograph, the development of historicExpand
History Is in the Land: Multivocal Tribal Traditions in Arizona's San Pedro Valley
Arizona's San Pedro Valley is a natural corridor through which generations of native peoples have traveled for more than 12,000 years, and today many tribes consider it to be part of their ancestralExpand
Repatriation at the Pueblo of Zuni: Diverse Solutions to Complex Problems
The Pueblo of Zuni has been actively involved in the repatriation of cultural property and human remains since 1977, long before the passage of the Native American Graves Protection and RepatriationExpand
Pueblo Settlement, Architecture, and Social Change in the Pueblo Revolt Era, A.D. 1680 to 1696
Abstract In A.D. 1680, the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest united in a revolt that drove Spanish colonists out of Pueblo lands for more than a decade. Dramatic changes in the architecture,Expand