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Algorithms for computing parsimonious evolutionary scenarios for genome evolution, the last universal common ancestor and dominance of horizontal gene transfer in the evolution of prokaryotes
The notion that gene loss and HGT are major aspects of prokaryotic evolution was supported by quantitative analysis of the mapping of the phyletic patterns of COGs onto a hypothetical species tree.
An algorithm for finding hamilton paths and cycles in random graphs
This paper describes a polynomial time algorithm HAM that searches for Hamilton cycles in undirected graphs. On a random graph its asymptotic probability of success is that of the existence of such a
On key storage in secure networks
Improved bounds on the storage requirements of systems where the keys for encrypting messages are derived from the pairwise intersections of sets of private keys issued to the users are given.
A novel bibliometric index with a simple geometric interpretation
A comprehensive empirical comparison between the χ-index and other bibliometric indices, focusing on a comparison with the h-index, is presented by analysing two datasets—a large set of Google Scholar profiles and a small set of Nobel prize winners.
Hamiltonian cycles in random regular graphs
On the connectivity of randomm-orientable graphs and digraphs
We consider graphs and digraphs obtained by randomly generating a prescribed number of arcs incident at each vertex.We analyse their almost certain connectivity and apply these results to the