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An Investigation of the Process Stability of RF SiP Made of DuPont 943 and 9K7
RF packaging is one of the most challenging but also the fastest growing topic in low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology. Today LTCC is particularly useful for advanced packages andExpand
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Development of the single-mode fiber integral field unit for the RHEA Spectrograph
RHEA is a single-mode ´echelle spectrograph designed to be a replicable and cost effective method of undertaking precision radial velocity measurements. The instrument has a novel fiber feed with anExpand
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Precision single mode fibre integral field spectroscopy with the RHEA spectrograph
The RHEA Spectrograph is a single-mode echelle spectrograph designed to be a replicable and cost effective method of undertaking precision radial velocity measurements. Two versions of RHEA currentlyExpand
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Attaining m s−1 level intrinsic Doppler precision with RHEA, a low-cost single-mode spectrograph
We present RHEA, a compact and inexpensive single-mode spectrograph which is built to exploit the capabilities of modest-sized telescopes in an economic way. The instrument is fed by up to sevenExpand
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The SCExAO high contrast imager: transitioning from commissioning to science
SCExAO is the premier high-contrast imaging platform for the Subaru Telescope. It offers high Strehl ratios at near-IR wavelengths (y-K band) with stable pointing and coronagraphs with extremelyExpand
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Pressure and temperature stabilization of an existing Echelle spectrograph III
The Echelle spectrograph FOCES1 is currently located at the laboratories of Munich University Observatories under pressure and temperature stabilized conditions. It is being used as a test bed for aExpand
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RHEA: the ultra-compact replicable high-resolution exoplanet and Asteroseismology spectrograph
We present the opto-mechanical design and the characterization of the Replicable High-resolution Exoplanet and Asteroseismology (RHEA) spectrograph. RHEA is an ultra-compact fiber-fed echelleExpand
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A testbed for simultaneous measurement of fiber near and far-field for the evaluation of fiber scrambling properties
To improve our understanding of fiber scrambling properties a test bed where fiber near-field and far-field can be measured simultaneously is described. A variety of measurements has been conductedExpand
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Performance and future developments of the RHEA single-mode spectrograph
The Replicable High-resolution Exoplanet and Asteroseismology (RHEA) spectrograph is being developed to serve as a basis for multiple copies across a network of small robotic telescopes. TheExpand
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Keck Planet Finder: preliminary design
The Keck Planet Finder (KPF) is a fiber-fed, high-resolution, high-stability spectrometer in development for the W.M. Keck Observatory. The instrument recently passed its preliminary design reviewExpand
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