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Ameliorative effect of melatonin against gamma-irradiation-induced oxidative stress and tissue injury.
While radiation hazards, due to free radical generation, present an enormous challenge for biological and medical safety, melatonin is a potent scavenger of a variety of free radicals. The aim ofExpand
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A novel chalcone-analogue as an optical sensor based on ground and excited states intramolecular charge transfer: A combined experimental and theoretical study
Abstract Steady-state absorption and emission spectroscopic techniques as well as semiempirical quantum calculations at the AM1 and ZINDO/S levels have been used to investigate the intramolecularExpand
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Chalcone isothiocyanate-mesoporous silicates: Selective anchoring and toxic metal ions detection
Nanosensors are one of the important applications of mesoporous materials used for toxic metal ions detection. Here, a rational strategy aimed at designing 2D and 3D nanosensors using SBA-15 andExpand
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A Comparative Study for Adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye from Wastewater on to Three Different Types of Rice Ash
High innuendo to organic dyes, such as methylene blue (MB) potentially has retrograde effects and can cause acute health problems leading to a number of particular diseases. Our work aimed atExpand
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Response of four olive cultivars to common organic manures in Libya.
Twenty years old "Endory, Frantoyo, Shemlaly and Zafaraney" olive cultivars, grown in Gherian region at El-Gabal El-Gharby’s Highland, Libya were conducted in this investigation. Three sources ofExpand
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Probing of micellar and biological systems using 2-(p-dimethylaminostyryl)benzoxazole: An intramolecular charge transfer fluorescent probe
Abstract A new and highly sensitive molecular probe namely, 2-( p -dimethylaminostyryl)benzoxazole (DMASBO) has been employed to follow the micellar aggregation of three commonly used anionic,Expand
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Dual emission of chalcone-analogue dyes emitting in the red region
Abstract The photophysical properties of new synthesized chalcones namely; 1-(4 ′ -R-phenyl)-5-(4 ′ -dimethylaminophenyl)-2,4- pentadien-1-one, [R=H ( 1 ), Cl ( 2) and OCH 3 ( 3 )] were studied inExpand
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Intramolecular charge transfer and photoisomerization of 2-(p-dimethylaminostyryl)benzoxazole:: A new fluorescent probe
Abstract 2-( p -Dimethylaminostyryl)benzoxazole (DMASBO) was prepared and its absorption and fluorescence spectra were measured in various solvents. The absorption spectra are less sensitive to theExpand
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Photophysics of benzazole derived push-pull butadienes : A highly sensitive fluorescence probes
Abstract Two new homologues of 1,4-diphenylbutadiene, namely, 1-(2-benzazolyl)-4-( p -dimethylaminophenyl)buta-1,3-diene have been synthesized and their absorption and fluorescence properties haveExpand
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Abstract The preferential solvation of α- and γ-oxobenzothiazolinic merocyanines was studied using UV-visible spectroscopy in binary solvent mixtures containing either water or methanol andExpand
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