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Hyperoxic Vasoconstriction in the Brain Is Mediated by Inactivation of Nitric Oxide by Superoxide Anions
Results provide evidence that one mechanism for hyperoxic vasoconstriction in the brain consists of inactivation of NO by superoxide anions, decreasing its basal vasorelaxing action.
Brain Blood Flow Modulates the Neurotoxic Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen via Neuronal and Endothelial Nitric Oxide
It is shown that hyperbaric oxygen induces changes in cerebral blood flow which modulate its neurotoxic action via nitric oxide synthesized both in neurons and in cerebral vessels.
[Hyperoxic vasoconstriction in the brain is realized by inactivation of nitric oxide by superoxide anions].
The data suggest that inactivation of NO by O2 is a more effective mechanism of HBO vasoconstriction.
Modeling of the corrosion process in the interaction of tinplate with vegetable canned food
When choosing metal packaging for canned vegetables, it is advisable to take into account their corrosivity, because the inner surface corrosion is one of the factors affecting product quality during
[Cerebral blood flow modulates hyperbaric oxygen induced neurotoxicity by neuronal and endothelial nitric oxide].
Results indicate occurrence of hyperbaric oxygen changes of the CBF that modulate neurotoxic effects of NO in neurons as well as in cerebral vessels.