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Construction of a novel water quality index and quality indicator for reservoir water quality evaluation: A case study in the Amazon region
Summary A novel Quality Indicator (QI) and Water Quality Index (WQI) were constructed in the present study for the evaluation of the water quality of a Hydroelectric Plant reservoir in the AmazonExpand
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Metal and physico-chemical variations at a hydroelectric reservoir analyzed by Multivariate Analyses and Artificial Neural Networks: environmental management and policy/decision-making tools.
This paper compared and evaluated seasonal variations in physico-chemical parameters and metals at a hydroelectric power station reservoir by applying Multivariate Analyses and Artificial NeuralExpand
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Metal bioaccumulation in edible target tissues of mullet (Mugil liza) from a tropical bay in Southeastern Brazil.
The present study aimed to investigate metal bioaccumulation in mullet (M. liza) from a tropical bay located in Southeastern Brazil, comparing a previously considered reference site to a knownExpand
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Case study: Comparing the use of nonlinear discriminating analysis and Artificial Neural Networks in the classification of three fish species: acaras (Geophagus brasiliensis), tilapias (Tilapia
This study used the Discriminant Analysis statistical technique and Artificial Neural Networks, multilayer perceptron, in the classification of three fish species sampled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Geophagus brasiliensis (acaras), Tilapia rendall (tilapias) and Mugil liza. Expand
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Alterations in Morphometric and Organosomatic Indices and Histopathological Analyses Indicative of Environmental Contamination in Mullet, Mugil liza, from Southeastern Brazil
Mullet (Mugil liza) were sampled in five different areas along the Guanabara Bay, southeastern Brazil, classified as non-contaminated, moderately contaminated and contaminated. Morphometric (FultonExpand
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Logistic regression and fuzzy logic as a classification method for feral fish sampling sites
This study presents a classification method combining logistic regression and fuzzy logic in the determination of sampling sites for feral fish, Nile Tilapia (Tilapia rendalli). This methodExpand
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Cleaner red mud residue production at an alumina plant by applying experimental design techniques in the filtration stage
Abstract Red mud is a residue obtained by the Bayer process during alumina production, and its disposal is an environmental problem due to its caustic nature, metal and radionuclide content andExpand
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Knowledge acquisition of vibrations in high-power transformers using statistical analyses and fuzzy approaches – A case study
Abstract This paper presents the results of a knowledge acquisition of vibrations in high-power transformers in two substations of an Electrical Power System in the Amazon region, Brazil. RadialExpand
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Estimating Physicochemical Parameters and Metal Concentrations in Hydroelectric Reservoirs by Virtual Sensors: A Case Study in the Amazon Region
The application of virtual sensors to estimate physicochemical parameters and metal concentrations in Amazon reservoirs for water quality monitoring through artificial neural networks and remoteExpand
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