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Effects of shrub encroachment on the anuran community in periodically flooded grasslands of the largest Neotropical wetland
In many parts of the world, replacement of natural grasslands by woody plants has resulted in a decrease of pasture areas and in habitat loss for a variety of animal species, including amphibians.Expand
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Vegetation Structure and Hydroperiod Affect Anuran Composition in a Large Neotropical Wetland
Abstract:  Anuran distribution patterns can be influenced by structural and dynamic characteristics of a habitat. In floodplains—such as the South American Pantanal wetlands—cyclic changes withinExpand
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Elucidating the diel and seasonal calling behaviour of Elachistocleis matogrosso (Anura: Microhylidae)
Acoustic monitoring provides the opportunity to study ecological processes that are difficult to assess with traditional surveys. Elachistocleis matogrosso is an anuran species, described in 2010, ...
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Reptilia, Squamata, Amphisbaenidae, Amphisbaena brasiliana (Gray, 1865): range extension
amphisbaenid (Bernils and Costa, 2012) described after a single specimen obtained in the municipality of Santarem, state of Para (Gray, 1865: 448). Besides the type locality and vicinities (Gans,Expand
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Register of predation upon species of reptiles by "Guira guira" (Aves: "Cuculidae")
Although we have a good understanding of how predation can influence community structure, we still have little information about how predation by visually oriented birds can be a significant sourceExpand
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An inter-dependence of flood and drought: disentangling amphibian beta diversity in seasonal floodplains
Species composition in floodplains is often affected by different structuring factors. Although floods play a key ecological role, habitat selection in the dry periods may blur patterns ofExpand
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