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Temperature Sex Reversal Implies Sex Gene Dosage in a Reptile
Sex in reptiles is determined by genes on sex chromosomes or by incubation temperature. Previously these two modes were thought to be distinct, yet we show that high incubation temperatures reverseExpand
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Relationships between Vertebrate ZW and XY Sex Chromosome Systems
The peculiar cytology and unique evolution of sex chromosomes raise many fundamental questions. Why and how sex chromosomes evolved has been debated over a century since H.J. Muller suggested thatExpand
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Restriction Site-Associated DNA Sequencing (RAD-seq) Reveals an Extraordinary Number of Transitions among Gecko Sex-Determining Systems.
Sex chromosomes have evolved many times in animals and studying these replicate evolutionary "experiments" can help broaden our understanding of the general forces driving the origin and evolution ofExpand
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Sex Chromosome Evolution in Lizards: Independent Origins and Rapid Transitions
Reptiles epitomize the variability of reproductive and sex determining modes and mechanisms among amniotes. These modes include gonochorism (separate sexes) and parthenogenesis, oviparity,Expand
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Non-homologous sex chromosomes of birds and snakes share repetitive sequences
Snake sex chromosomes provided Susumo Ohno with the material on which he based his theory of how sex chromosomes differentiate from autosomal pairs. Like birds, snakes have a ZZ male/ZW female sexExpand
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The dragon lizard Pogona vitticeps has ZZ/ZW micro-sex chromosomes
The bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps (Agamidae: Reptilia) is an agamid lizard endemic to Australia. Like crocodilians and many turtles, temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD) is common inExpand
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Molecular marker suggests rapid changes of sex-determining mechanisms in Australian dragon lizards
Distribution of sex-determining mechanisms across Australian agamids shows no clear phylogenetic segregation, suggesting multiple transitions between temperature-dependent (TSD) and genotypic sexExpand
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The ZW sex microchromosomes of an Australian dragon lizard share no homology with those of other reptiles or birds
Reptiles show a diverse array of sex chromosomal systems but, remarkably, the Z sex chromosomes of chicken are homologous to the ZW sex chromosomes of a species of gecko, Gekko hokouensis, suggestingExpand
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An XX/XY heteromorphic sex chromosome system in the Australian chelid turtle Emydura macquarii: A new piece in the puzzle of sex chromosome evolution in turtles
Chromosomal sex determination is the prevalent system found in animals but is rare among turtles. In fact, heteromorphic sex chromosomes are known in only seven of the turtles possessing genotypicExpand
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Transitions between sex-determining systems in reptiles and amphibians.
Important technological advances in genomics are driving a new understanding of the evolution of sex determination in vertebrates. In particular, comparative chromosome mapping in reptiles has shownExpand
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