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Surface water management and urban green infrastructure in the UK: A review of benefits and challenges
The growing use of green infrastructure linked to ecosystem services and a wide range of benefits in urban areas is providing the opportunity for a range of stakeholders to get 'more from less'. ByExpand
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A New Approach to Implementing Facade Treatments in Context of the South Australian Road Traffic Noise Guidelines
With the growing social awareness of the potential health impacts related to high road noise exposure upon communities, government noise policies must strike a reasonable and practicable balanceExpand
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Welsh devolution and the problem of legislative competence
With political consensus reached across Wales and Westminster that the current conferred powers model of Welsh devolution should be replaced with a reserved powers model as exists in Scotland andExpand
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How Green is Silicon Valley? Ecological Sustainability and the High-tech Industry
Sustainable development theory explores the tensions between ecological systems, economic growth, and technological advancement. Meanwhile public policy has focused on the compatibility ofExpand
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Why the BT-EE merger challenges Ofcom’s wholesale remedies
Following a nine-month investigation, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has now given unconditional approval to BT’s acquisition of EE. Tom Evens, Senior Researcher at the UniversityExpand