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Quantum phase transition from a superfluid to a Mott insulator in a gas of ultracold atoms
This work observes a quantum phase transition in a Bose–Einstein condensate with repulsive interactions, held in a three-dimensional optical lattice potential, and can induce reversible changes between the two ground states of the system. Expand
Experimental realization of the topological Haldane model with ultracold fermions
The experimental realization of the Haldane model and the characterization of its topological band structure are reported, using ultracold fermionic atoms in a periodically modulated optical honeycomb lattice and a direct extension to realize spin-dependent topological Hamiltonians is proposed. Expand
Dicke quantum phase transition with a superfluid gas in an optical cavity
The Dicke quantum phase transition is realized in an open system formed by a Bose–Einstein condensate coupled to an optical cavity, and the emergence of a self-organized supersolid phase is observed. Expand
Cold atoms in cavity-generated dynamical optical potentials
We review state-of-the-art theory and experiment of the motion of cold and ultracold atoms coupled to the radiation field within a high-finesse optical resonator in the dispersive regime of theExpand
A Mott insulator of fermionic atoms in an optical lattice
The formation of a Mott insulator of a repulsively interacting two-component Fermi gas in an optical lattice is reported, identified by three features: a drastic suppression of doubly occupied lattice sites, a strong reduction of the compressibility inferred from the response of double occupancy to an increase in atom number, and the appearance of a gapped mode in the excitation spectrum. Expand
Transition from a strongly interacting 1d superfluid to a Mott insulator.
Signs for increased fluctuations characteristic for 1D trapped Bose gases are observed and the collective oscillations cease near the transition to the Mott insulator phase. Expand
A compact grating-stabilized diode laser system for atomic physics
We describe a compact, economic and versatile diode laser system based on commercial laser diodes, optically stabilized by means of feedback from a diffraction grating. We offer detailed informationExpand
We demonstrate a continuous output coupler for magnetically trapped atoms. Over a period of up to 100 ms a collimated and monoenergetic beam of atoms is continuously extracted from a Bose- EinsteinExpand
Cavity Optomechanics with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
A cavity optomechanical system in which a collective density excitation of a Bose-Einstein condensate serves as the mechanical oscillator coupled to the cavity field, and the results open up new directions for investigating mechanical oscillators in the quantum regime and the border between classical and quantum physics. Expand