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Geomorphological investigation of the excavation‐induced dündar landslide, bursa — turkey
Abstract. This paper discusses the occurrence and development of the excavation‐induce deep‐seated landslide, which took place near Dündar village, located west of Orhaneli town in northwestern
Morphologic Features of Kapidağ Peninsula and its Coasts (NW- Turkey) using by Remote Sensing and DTM
Although it is an inland sea, the Sea of Marmara and its surroundings have rather complex morphology due to the active tectonics of the North Anatolian Fault (NAF) zone in this region. The Kapidag
Geomorphology of Hereke-Körfez Area and its Relation to the Submarine Morphology of the Centre Basin of the Gulf of Izmit
Abstract The present study is an attempt to interpret the geomorphology of the Hereke-Korfez area and the submarine morphology of the Gulf of Izmit. Geomorphological investigations have been carried
The formation of beachrock on the North Cyprus Coast Kuzey Kibris Kiyilarinda Yalitaşi Oluşumu
Beachrocks were determined along the northern coasts of Cyprus Island. Their petrographic composition and nature of cementation were studied based mainly on detailed field descriptions, thin section