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Stress Regimes in the Lithosphere
The purpose of this book is to acquaint the geoscientist with issues associated with the debate over orientation and magnitude of stress in the lithosphere. Terry Engelder provides a broadExpand
The role of salt in fold-and-thrust belts
Davis, D.M. and Engelder, T., 1985. The role of salt in fold-and-thrust belts. In: N.L. Carter and S. Uycda (Editors), Collision Tectonics: Deformation of Continental Lithosphere. Tectonophysics,Expand
Factors controlling joint spacing in interbedded sedimentary rocks: integrating numerical models with field observations from the Monterey Formation, USA
Abstract Local tensile stress normal to a joint is reduced in the vicinity of the joint because such stresses are not transmitted across free surfaces. This stress reduction prevents the formation ofExpand
Influence of poroelastic behavior on the magnitude of minimum horizontal stress, Sh in overpressured parts of sedimentary basins
In many sedimentary basins of the world the minimum hori- zontal stress, S h , is greater in overpressured zones than in normally pressured zones at equivalent depths. A common explanation is thatExpand
Loading paths to joint propagation during a tectonic cycle: an example from the Appalachian Plateau, U.S.A.
Abstract Based on the timing of joint propagation during the history of burial, lithification, deformation and denudation of clastic rocks within sedimentary basins, four types of joints may beExpand
Thickness trends and sequence stratigraphy of the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation, Appalachian Basin: Implications for Acadian foreland basin evolution
Analysis of more than 900 wireline logs indicates that the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation encompasses two third-order transgressive-regressive (T-R) sequences, MSS1 and MSS2, in ascending order.Expand
Natural gas: Should fracking stop?
Extracting gas from shale increases the availability of this resource, but the health and environmental risks may be too high.
The permeability of whole and jointed Barre Granite
Abstract The permeability of whole and jointed Barre granite was measured at pressures up to 2 kbars. Jointed samples were actually split cylinders joined by surfaces with controlled surfaceExpand
Joint sets that enhance production from Middle and Upper Devonian gas shales of the Appalachian Basin
The marine Middle and Upper Devonian section of the Appalachian Basin includes several black shale units that carry two regional joint sets (J1 and J2 sets) as observed in outcrop, core, and boreholeExpand