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Conventional Values of the Hellenistic Greeks
Introduction Public Feasts in the Hellenistic Greek City: Forms and Meanings Society, Consanguinity and the Fertility of Women: The Community of Deities on the Great Frieze of the Pergamum Altar as aExpand
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Cosmology and Self in the Apostle Paul
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Paul and the Stoics
Dr Engberg-Pedersen shows how a range of problems encountered in twentieth-century interpretation may be overcome by reading the epistles in the light of ancient Stoic ethics. He discusses literary,Expand
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Paul’s Stoicizing Politics in Romans 12-13: The Role of 13.1-10 in the Argument
This article argues for the intrinsic coherence of Rom. 12-13 by considering the meaning of the transitions between the various sections of the text. In this light, the article proposes anExpand
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The Emotions in Hellenistic Philosophy
Introduction S. Knuuttila, J. Sihvola. How the Philosophical Analysis of the Emotions was Introduced T. Brennan. The Old Stoic Theory of Emotions J.M. Cooper. Posidonius on Emotions C. Gill. DidExpand
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Paul beyond the Judaism : Hellenism divide
This volume does away with the traditional strategy of playing "Judaism" and "Hellenism" against each other as a context to understand Paul. This aim is reached in two ways: (1) in essays thatExpand
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Cosmology and Self in the Apostle Paul: The Material Spirit
Introduction 1. A Stoic Understand of the Pneuma and Resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15 2. The Bodily Pneuma in Paul 3. Physics, Cognition, and Superhuman Persons 4. Divine and Human Agency and FreedomExpand
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Stoicism in early Christianity
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Paul In His Hellenistic Context
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