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Thermal degradation behaviour of poly(lactic acid) stereocomplex
The thermal degradation of poly(lactic acid) stereocomplex (scPLA) was investigated to clarify the pyrolysis mechanism. Three scPLA samples with different chain end structures were prepared, namely,Expand
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Racemization on thermal degradation of poly(l-lactide) with calcium salt end structure
Abstract Poly( l -lactide) with calcium salt end structure (PLLA-Ca) is a promising material for PLLA recycling because of the ease of lactide recovery through the unzipping depolymerization process.Expand
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Effect of tin on poly(L-lactic acid) pyrolysis
Abstract Tin 2-ethylhexanoate is an indispensable component of commercially available poly( l -lactic acid) (PLLA). However, the thermal degradation kinetics of PLLA containing Sn have not yetExpand
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A review of the developments of self-etching primers and adhesives -Effects of acidic adhesive monomers and polymerization initiators on bonding to ground, smear layer-covered teeth.
This paper reviews the developments of self-etching primers and adhesives, with a special focus on the effect of acidic adhesive monomers and polymerization initiators on bonding to ground, smearExpand
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Pyrolysis kinetics of poly(l-lactide) with carboxyl and calcium salt end structures
Abstract To clarify the pyrolysis mechanism of poly( l -lactide), which has been reported as complex, the thermal decomposition of carboxyl type and calcium ion end capped PLLA (PLLA-H and PLLA-Ca,Expand
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A rapid photomechanical switching polymer blend system composed of azobenzene-carrying poly(vinylether) and poly(carbonate)
A new material with photomechanical switching ability was developed. The material is a binary polymer blend composed of a poly(vinylether) having azobenzene moiety in the side chain and aExpand
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Photomechanical Switching Behavior of Semi‐Interpenetrating Polymer Network Consisting of Azobenzene‐Carrying Crosslinked Poly(vinyl ether) and Polycarbonate
A novel semi-interpenetrating polymer network (semi-IPN) with photomechanical switching ability was developed by a cationic copolymerizanon of axobenzene-containing vinyl ethers in a matrix of aExpand
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Thermal degradation of poly(L-lactide): effect of alkali earth metal oxides for selective L, L-lactide formation
Abstract To achieve the feed stock recycling of poly( l -lactide) (PLLA) to l , l -lactide, PLLA composites including alkali earth metal oxides, such as calcium oxide (CaO) and magnesium oxide (MgO),Expand
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Effects of chain end structures on pyrolysis of poly(L-lactic acid) containing tin atoms
Abstract Thermal degradation of high molecular weight PLLA containing residual tin atoms was investigated as a means of controlling the reaction for feedstock recycling to l , l -lactide. To clarifyExpand
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Synthesis of rare-metal absorbing polymer by three-component polyaddition through combination of chemo-selective nucleophilic and radical additions.
Sequential three-component polyaddition has been difficult, because the first addition typically consumes the two reactive monomers to produce a stable intermediate that cannot react smoothly withExpand
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