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A simple technique is described for the preparation of collagen substrata containing 0 1% of collagen by weight, in the form of native bundles with a 640 A period, the substrata are similar in theseExpand
Sexually Mature Individuals of Xenopus laevis from the Transplantation of Single Somatic Nuclei
A METHOD of testing the potentialities of nuclei from embryonic cells has been described by Briggs and King1. The method consists of transferring a nucleus from an embryonic cell into an enucleatedExpand
Abnormalities in somite segmentation following heat shock to Xenopus embryos.
The typical abnormality induced by a 15 min shock at 37degreesC is a single discrete length along the somite file within which segmental boundaries are absent or irregular. The two sides of the sameExpand
A mutation that reduces nucleolar number in Xenopus laevis.
The culture of small aggregates of amphibian embryonic cells in vitro.
  • K. Jones, T. Elsdale
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
  • 1 March 1963
A Common procedure in amphibian embryology has been to remove portions from embryos and culture these under conditions in which the large numbers of cells retain a close-knit association, favourableExpand
A description of the technique for nuclear transplantation in Xenopus laevis.
A Method by which nuclei can be successfully transplanted into Amphibian eggs was first worked out by Briggs & King (1952) for the eggs of Rana pipiens . Xenopus laevis is an atypical Anuran sinceExpand
The family of epithelio-mesenchymal systems consists of a variety of related forms. Common to all is the formation of epithelial-bounding membranes. These may be external to the mesenchyme as inExpand
Nuclear Transplantation in Xenopus laevis
Briggs and King1 have devised a technique with which they were able to transplant nuclei from cells of early embryos into unfertilized eggs of Rana pipiens from which the female pronucleus had beenExpand
Somitogenesis in amphibia. II. Origins in early embryogenesis of two factors involved in somite specification.
  • T. Elsdale, M. Pearson
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
  • 1 October 1979
A somite pre-pattern is established shortly before visible segmentation. The pre-pattern results from the interaction of two components: a wave of cell behavioural change that passes along the axis,Expand
The independence and interdependence of cells in the amphibian embryo.