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Observation of pendular butterfly Rydberg molecules
Engineering molecules with a tunable bond length and defined quantum states lies at the heart of quantum chemistry. The unconventional binding mechanism of Rydberg molecules makes them a promisingExpand
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Rydberg Molecule-Induced Remote Spin Flips.
We have performed high resolution photoassociation spectroscopy of rubidium ultralong-range Rydberg molecules in the vicinity of the 25P state. Because of the hyperfine interaction in the groundExpand
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Experimental realization of a Rydberg optical Feshbach resonance in a quantum many-body system
Feshbach resonances are a powerful tool to tune the interaction in an ultracold atomic gas. The commonly used magnetic Feshbach resonances are specific for each species and are restricted withExpand
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Direct excitation of butterfly states in Rydberg molecules
Submitted for the DAMOP16 Meeting of The American Physical Society Direct excitation of butterfly states in Rydberg molecules CARSTEN LIPPE, THOMAS NIEDERPRUEM, OLIVER THOMAS, TANITA EICHERT, HERWIGExpand
Photoassociation of rotating ultra-long range Rydberg molecules
In this work we discuss the rotational structure of Rydberg molecules. We calculate the complete wave function in a laboratory fixed frame and derive the transition matrix elements for the pho-Expand
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