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Physics of seasonally ice-covered lakes: a review
Recently, the attention to the ice season in lakes has been growing remarkably amongst limnological communities, in particular, due to interest in the response of mid- and high-latitude lakes toExpand
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The genetic diversity of old and modern Siberian varieties of common spring wheat as determined by microsatellite markers
The objective of this study was to assess genetic diversity within old and modern common spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties cultivated in Siberia and to find out whether old SiberianExpand
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Wheat genome structure: translocations during the course of polyploidization
The genomic organization of Triticum timopheevii (2n=28, AtAtGG) was compared with hexaploid wheat T. aestivum (2n=42, AABBDD) by comparative mapping using microsatellites derived from bread wheat.Expand
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Identification of a new Vrn-B1 allele using two near-isogenic wheat lines with difference in heading time
AbstractsWe conducted a molecular analysis of the Vrn-B1 gene in two near-isogenic lines (NILs) carrying the dominant Vrn-B1S and Vrn-B1Dm alleles from the Saratovskaya 29 and Diamant 2 cultivars,Expand
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The development of precise genetic stocks in two wheat cultivars and their use in genetic analysis
SummaryThe results of genetic studies of common wheat that have been conducted in Novosibirsk, Russia, over the past 20 years by a research team are summarized. The research strategy was to develop aExpand
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Forests and swamps of Siberia in the global carbon cycle
Results of measurements and calculations of carbon budget parameters of forests and swamps of Siberia are reported. The zonal variability of reserves (and an increment in reserves) of carbon inExpand
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Mapping of the Vrn-B1 gene in Triticum aestivum using microsatellite markers
Abstract An F 2 population segregating for the dominant gene Vrn-B1 wasdeveloped from the cross of the substitution line Diamant/Miro-novskaya 808 5A and the winter wheat cultivar BezostayaExpand
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Pyrogenic transformation of organic matter in soils of forest bogs
Natural fires on forest bogs significantly affect all the groups and fractions of peat organic matter. The type and intensity of the fires are responsible for the depth of the pyrogenicExpand
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Genetic analysis of glume colour in common wheat cultivars from the former USSR
Genotypes for the glume colour character have been studied in 27 cultivars of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) originated from old landraces, and 1 specimen of T. petropavlovskyi Udacz. etExpand
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Elemental composition and structural peculiarities of humic acids in bog waters of taiga zone
Results of a complex studying the preparations of humic acids from bog waters by methods of IR spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance and electronic paramagnetic resonance have been considered inExpand
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