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Extraordinary optical transmission through sub-wavelength hole arrays
The desire to use and control photons in a manner analogous to the control of electrons in solids has inspired great interest in such topics as the localization of light, microcavity quantumExpand
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Surface plasmon subwavelength optics
Surface plasmons are waves that propagate along the surface of a conductor. By altering the structure of a metal's surface, the properties of surface plasmons—in particular their interaction withExpand
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Exceptionally high Young's modulus observed for individual carbon nanotubes
CARBON nanotubes are predicted to have interesting mechanical properties—in particular, high stiffness and axial strength—as a result of their seamless cylindrical graphitic structure1–5. TheirExpand
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Beaming Light from a Subwavelength Aperture
Light usually diffracts in all directions when it emerges from a subwavelength aperture, which puts a lower limit on the size of features that can be used in photonics. This limitation can beExpand
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Electrical conductivity of individual carbon nanotubes
THE interest in carbon nanotubes has been greatly stimulated by theoretical predictions that their electronic properties are strongly modulated by small structural variations1–8. In particular, theExpand
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Surface plasmons enhance optical transmission through subwavelength holes
Optically thick metal films perforated with a periodic array of subwavelength holes show exceptional transmission properties. The zero-order transmission spectra exhibit well-defined maxima andExpand
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Light in tiny holes
The presence of tiny holes in an opaque metal film, with sizes smaller than the wavelength of incident light, leads to a wide variety of unexpected optical properties such as strongly enhancedExpand
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Theory of extraordinary optical transmission through subwavelength hole arrays.
We present a fully three-dimensional theoretical study of the extraordinary transmission of light through subwavelength hole arrays in optically thick metal films. Good agreement is obtained withExpand
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Large-scale synthesis of carbon nanotubes
INTEREST in carbon fibres1,2 has been stimulated greatly by the recent discovery of hollow graphitic tubules of nanometre dimensions3. There has been much speculation about the properties andExpand
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Channel plasmon subwavelength waveguide components including interferometers and ring resonators
Photonic components are superior to electronic ones in terms of operational bandwidth, but the diffraction limit of light poses a significant challenge to the miniaturization and high-densityExpand
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