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The Effect of Oil Contamination on the Geotechnical Properties of Fine-Grained Soils
Every day, petrochemical activities, oil spills, and pipeline or reservoir leakage contaminate the ground. In addition to environmental concerns, such as groundwater pollution, the alteration ofExpand
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Modeling landfill site selection by multi-criteria decision making and fuzzy functions in GIS, case study: Shabestar, Iran
Landfilling is the most common method used for disposal of solid waste and selection of suitable landfill for municipal solid waste management is important part of urban planning. The aims of thisExpand
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Removal of Mn(II) from groundwater by sugarcane bagasse and activated carbon (a comparative study): Application of response surface methodology (RSM)
Abstract Sugarcane bagasse (SCB) as a low-cost biosorbent and activated carbon (AC) were used to remove Mn(II). The effects of three parameters, such as pH, adsorbent dosage (Ca) and initial metalExpand
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Response surface methodology approach to the optimization of oil hydrocarbon polluted soil remediation using enhanced soil washing
One of the environmental concerns in recent decades is the prevalence of different pollutants in soil. Hence, the importance of remediation has led to the development of various methods to remediateExpand
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The best available technology for small electroplating plants applying analytical hierarchy process
In this study analytical hierarchy process approach which uses expert’s knowledge, was applied for selection of the best wastewater treatment alternative for electroplating workshops, located inExpand
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In recent years, drought and demand growth in most parts of the county have caused a dramatic increase in using groundwater for water supply purposes. Besides, unplanned excessive discharges fromExpand
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Arsenic Removal from Water by Sugarcane Bagasse: An Application of Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Adsorption is one of the best methods for arsenic removal from water which is established in the last few decades. Biosorption by natural biosorbents and agricultural by-product is an environmentalExpand
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Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Fenton Process with Nano sized Zero Valent Iron particles
Leachate treatment from municipal landfills has been always a major anxiety in waste management due to its high level of various contaminations. In this paper the effect of Nanosized Zero Valent IronExpand
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The Effect of Nanosilica on Cement Matrix Permeability in Oil Well to Decrease the Pollution of Receptive Environment
Nanosilica is the extremely fine silica that has been used for years as cement admixture both in the oil field and in construction and civil engineering industries. Because of its extremely fineExpand
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The Positive Effects of Nanoclay on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Kahrizak Clay Permeated With Landfill Leachate
This study evaluates the effect of nanoclay on permeability, swelling, compressive strength, and cation exchange capacity of a compacted Kahrizak landfill clay liner. The results show that 4%Expand
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