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Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) outbreak in South Korea, 2015: epidemiology, characteristics and public health implications
The main contributors to the outbreak were late diagnosis, quarantine failure of ‘super spreaders’, familial care-giving and visiting, non-disclosure by patients, poor communication by the South Korean Government, inadequate hospital infection management, and ‘doctor shopping’.
Cameroon public health sector: shortage and inequalities in geographic distribution of health personnel
The results show an absolute shortage of public health personnel in Cameroon that is further complicated by the geographic distributional inequalities across the regions of the nation.
Small-Scale Tomato Cultivators’ Perception on Pesticides Usage and Practices in Buea Cameroon
The tomato farmers in Buea, Cameroon have a high exposure to pesticides secondary to inadequate knowledge of the safe and judicious use of pesticides, and strategies that provide training on the appropriate use of pesticide, how to reduce exposure to and health risks of pesticides and alternative options of pest management and control are required.
Public health concerns, risk perception and information sources in Cameroon
Abstract This study presents a descriptive account of ratings based on psychometric variables of perceived twenty-five health risk factors, their information sources and the confidence in the
Impact of change in job status on mortality for newly onset type II diabetes patients: 7 years follow-up using cohort data of National Health Insurance, Korea.
The continuous unemployment and the loss of job are related to risk of death in diabetic patients and the impact of unemployed is stronger than job change (loss or change).
Exposure and transmission risk of blood and body fluids among health care personnel at first level referral public hospitals in Meme division, Cameroon
There was a high level of exposure to blood and body fluids among HCP at the first level referral hospitals in Meme division in Cameroon, and working for long hours, lack of continuous training on infection prevention, 7-10 years working experience, dissatisfaction with current jobs, recapping needles after used were significantly associated with exposure and transmission risk.
Risk perception of cigarette and alcohol consumption: Korea and Cameroon public assessment views
Introduction: There is a strong risk perception of personal knowledge on both cigarette-and alcohol-related harm. One possible factor contributing to this may be greater availability and access of