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Lignocellulose biodegradation: Fundamentals and applications
Lignocelluloses are the building blocks of allplants and are ubiquitous to most regions ofour planet. Their chemical properties make it asubstrate of enormous biotechnological value.The basicExpand
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Nanotechnology and water treatment: applications and emerging opportunities.
Nanotechnology, the engineering and art of manipulating matter at the nanoscale (1-100 nm), offers the potential of novel nanomaterials for treatment of surface water, groundwater, and wastewaterExpand
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Molecular Techniques for Determining Microbial Diversity and Community Structure in Natural Environments
The ability to quantify the number and kinds of microorganisms within a community is fundamental to the understanding of the structure and function of an ecosystem. The simple morphology of mostExpand
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The use of biological activities to monitor the removal of fuel contaminants - perspective for monitoring hydrocarbon contamination : a review
Soil biological activities are vital for the restoration of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons. Their role includes the biotransformation of petroleum compounds into harmless compounds. In thisExpand
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Biological and chemical evaluation of sewage water pollution in the Rietvlei nature reserve wetland area, South Africa.
Macroinvertebrate communities in Rietvlei nature reserve wetland area and their relationship with water quality were studied with the aim to evaluate their use as potential indicators of pollution.Expand
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Resistance mechanisms of bacteria to antimicrobial compounds
Abstract A range of antimicrobial compounds (bactericides) commonly termed biocides, microbicides, sanitizers, antiseptics and disinfectants are available, all of which are claimed by their producersExpand
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Dynamic response of biofilm to pipe surface and fluid velocity.
Biofouling in pipelines is a function of the inner roughness of the specific piping material that is used in distribution systems and the concomitant biofilm formation. To test the effect of velocityExpand
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Quality assessment and primary uses of harvested rainwater in Kleinmond, South Africa
With an insightful policy, rainwater harvesting (RWH) can be promoted as a core adaptation strategy for achieving global water security, reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) andExpand
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Influence of Winemaking Practices on the Characteristics of Winery Wastewater and Water Usage of Wineries
The winemaking industry produces large volumes of wastewater that pose an environmental threat if not treated correctly. The increasing numbers of wineries and the demand for wine around the worldExpand
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Biofouling and Biocorrosion in Industrial Water Systems
Corrosion associated with microorganisms has been recognized for over 50 years and yet the study of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is relatively new. MIC can occur in diverseExpand
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