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Management Practice, Organization Climate, and Performance
This study reports a single time-series quasi-experiment in a Canadian firm to evaluate the effect over a five-year period of implementing a structured, seven-step strategy to obtain improvedExpand
Teaching organized crime patterns: An active learning approach
In this paper the authors suggest how instructors can use small groups to facilitate critical thinking and an active approach to learning. This pedagogical method attempts to initiate problem-solvingExpand
Can a good Christian be a good lawyer? : homilies, witnesses, and reflections
Law professors Thomas E. Baker and Timothy W. Floyd asked some of their legal colleagues to respond to this provocative question: "Can a good Christian be a good lawyer?" Here are twenty-one highlyExpand
At War with Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Chapter 1 At War with Civil Rights and Liberties: An Introduction Part 2 Part I: Context Chapter 3 2 Perspectives on Liberty, Security, and the Courts Chapter 4 Liberty and Security Chapter 5Expand
Learning from Follow Up Surveys of Graduates: The Austin Teacher Program and the Benchmark Project. A Discussion Paper.
This paper describes Austin College's (Texas) participation in the Benchmark Project, a collaborative followup study of teacher education graduates and their principals, focusing on the second roundExpand
When School Accountability and Preservice Teachers' Needs Conflict: Effects of Public School Testing on Teacher Education Field Experiences.
This paper describes a survey of Texas teacher education programs. The programs investigated whether increased pressure on K-12 teachers to prepare students for mandated tests contributed toExpand
A Primer on Precedent in the Eleventh Circuit
The crime triangle: Alcohol, drug use, and vandalism
This research illustrates the benefits of the police-researcher partnership in preventing park crime in a suburban community. Parks can attract illegitimate users who engage in criminal activities.Expand