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The respiration rate of the resting eggs of Leptodora kindti (Focke 1844) and Bythotrephes longimanus Leydig 1860 (Crustacea, Cladocera) at environmentally encountered temperatures
SummaryRespiration rates of the resting eggs of Leptodora kindti and Bythotrephes longimanus were measured in the laboratory at temperatures between 2.4 and 6.2° C. Results are used to explore theExpand
Seasonality, population dynamics and production of planktonic rotifers in Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland
The abundances, population dynamics and production of the rotifer community of Lough Neagh were examined for a three year period. Keratella cochlearis was the most abundant species accounting forExpand
The effects of siltation on Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., embryos in the River Bush
The tolerance of incubating salmon embryos to spawning gravel sedimentation was examined under hatchery conditions and also in the natural state on the River Bush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. InExpand
Some observations on the populations of Mysis relicta in Lough Neagh
Within the British Isles, the occurrence of Mysis relicta Loven is restricted to relatively few lakes and rivers (Tattersall and Tattersall, 1951). Two large lakes, Lough Neagh and Lough Erne,Expand
The estimation of secondary production in a natural population of Daphnia hyalina (Leydig) using alternative methods of computation
A single set of population data for Daphnia hyalina was used to estimate production using four methods on a daily and annual basis. Estimates varied from 12.94 to 50.60 g dry weight m-2 y-1. TheExpand
Diurnal changes in zooplankton respiration rates and the phytoplankton activity in two Chilean lakes
Respiration rates of natural zooplankton communities were measured for diel cycles in two lakes. Distinct diurnal cycles were observed in Embalse Rapel with high respiratory rates for the springExpand
Seasonal variations in the metabolic rates of zooplankton populations in a Thames Valley reservoir
Measurements of metabolic rates of natural populations of zooplankton were made using a closed bottle technique in situ. Results showed a marked seasonality inexplicable in terms of simpleExpand
Seasonality of rotifers and temperature in Lough Neagh, N. Ireland
Long runs of seasonal rotifer population data allow analysis of seasonal occurrence using mathematical tools. The application of Fourier analysis to a 15 year dataset describes seasonality in simpleExpand
A simple method for fitting Bělehrádek's equation to embryonic development data of zooplankton
A method is described whereby a Bělehrádek function is fitted to experimentally derived data for embryonic development duration at a range of temperatures. The method is applied to data for theExpand