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Acute metal stress in Populus tremula×P. alba (717‐1B4 genotype): Leaf and cambial proteome changes induced by cadmium2+
An important tissue specificity of the response was observed, according to the differences in cell structures and functions of Populus tremula×P. Expand
Poplar under drought: comparison of leaf and cambial proteomic responses.
There is a difference in the moment of response to the water constraint between the two tissues, cambium being affected later than leaves, and a significant number of leaf proteins appeared to be differentially regulated only during the recovery from drought. Expand
Zinc and cadmium effects on growth and ion distribution in Populus tremula × Populus alba
The effects of cadmium and zinc on growth and mineral distribution in Populus tremula × P. alba genotype 717-1B4 were investigated and Cd was mainly stored in the woody parts of stem, whereas zinc was preferentially localized in the leaves. Expand
Cadmium and Zinc are differentially distributed in Populus tremula x P. alba exposed to metal excess
Abstract Poplar plants were exposed during 61 days to a soil added with heavy metals so as to contain 300 mg Zn2+.kg−1 soil dry weight (SDW) (Zinc) or 50 mg Cd2+.kg−1 SDW (Cadmium). The Cd treatmentExpand
Combined Proteomic and Metabolomic Profiling of the Arabidopsis thaliana vps29 Mutant Reveals Pleiotropic Functions of the Retromer in Seed Development
This study suggests that loss of the retromer stimulates energy metabolism, affects many metabolic pathways, including that of cell wall biogenesis, and triggers an osmotic stress response, underlining the importance ofretromer function in seed biology. Expand
Screening for changes in leaf and cambial proteome of Populus tremula × P. alba under different heat constraints.
The results show more sustainable changes in leaf and cambial proteomes in response to HS compared to HG, which was the accumulation of thaumatin-like proteins as well as an increase in the abundance of proteins involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Expand
In Vitro Micropropagation : Effect of Leafy Nodes on Rooting and Growth of Plantlets of Nauclea Diderrichii ( De Wild
The effect of leafy nodes of Nauclea diderrichii on the rooting and the growth of seedlings was studied in vitro. Three types of leafy nodes (leafless nodes, nodes with single leaf and nodes with twoExpand