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Cooperative Games, Solutions and Applications
I Cooperative Games and Examples.- II Solution Concepts for Cooperative Games and Related Subjects.- III the ?-Value.- IV A Game Theoretic Approach to the Cost Allocation Problem by Means of theExpand
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Coincidence of and collinearity between game theoretic solutions
SummaryThe first part is the study of several conditions which are sufficient for the coincidence of the prenucleolus concept and the egalitarian nonseparable contribution (ENSC-) method. The mainExpand
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A Survey of Consistency Properties in Cooperative Game Theory
  • T. Driessen
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • SIAM Rev.
  • 1 February 1991
The main purpose of this survey paper is to review the axiomatic characterizations of the Shapley value, the prekernel, prenucleolus, and the core by means of a consistency property in terms of the reduced games. Expand
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The τ-value, The core and semiconvex games
Theτ-value for cooperativen-person games is central in this paper. Conditions are given which guarantee that theτ-value lies in the core of the game. A full-dimensional cone of semiconvex games isExpand
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The irreducible Core of a minimum cost spanning tree game
It is a known result that for a minimum cost spanning tree (mcst) game a Core allocation can be deduced directly from a mcst in the underlying network and it is not necessary to calculate the coalition values of the corresponding mcst game. Expand
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A note on the inclusion of the kernel in the core of the bilateral assignment game
  • T. Driessen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Game Theory
  • 1 July 1998
In this note we prove that the kernel of a bilateral assignment game is always included in the core. Expand
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Stability of viscous long liquid filaments
We study the collapse of an axisymmetric liquid filament both analytically and by means of a numerical model. The liquid filament, also known as ligament, may either collapse stably into a singleExpand
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Properties of 1-convex n-person games
SummaryThe subclass of 1-convexn-person games is central in this paper. It turns out that an 1-convexn-person game can be characterized by the structure of the core and that its nucleolus lies in theExpand
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Cooperative Games and Examples
The Tennessee River is a stream situated in the south-eastern United States of America. The so-called Muscle Shoals, a 37-mile stretch of the Tennessee River with a fall of 133 feet, was extremelyExpand
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A regularised one-dimensional drop formation and coalescence model using a total variation diminishing (TVD) scheme on a single Eulerian grid
The breakup of an axisymmetric viscous jet is considered in the lubrication approximation. The discretised equations are solved on a fixed equidistant one-dimensional Eulerian grid. The governingExpand
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