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Reading art, writing history: rock art and social change in southern Africa
Abstract This paper outlines a new role for rock art in the writing of southern African history. The old view of the art as a pictorial record of Stone Age life needs to be discarded. What has beenExpand
The Signs of All Times: Entoptic Phenomena in Upper Palaeolithic Art [and Comments and Reply]
Presentation d'un modele neuropsychologique permettant d'interpreter les signes dans l'art paleolithique comme des formes resultant de phenomenes entoptiques. Mise en parallele avec differents artsExpand
The signs of all times : entoptic phenomena in upper paleolithic art
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Revelations of religious reality: The individual in San rock art
Abstract San ethnography concerning the personal nature of religious beliefs contradicts the view that San rock art, essentially a religious art, is uniform due to social control. There are, however,Expand
Why queer archaeology? An introduction
(2000). Why queer archaeology? An introduction. World Archaeology: Vol. 32, Queer Archaeologies, pp. 161-165.
Re-animating Hunter-gatherer Rock-art Research
  • T. Dowson
  • History
  • Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • 1 October 2009
The shamanistic interpretation of hunter-gatherer rock arts has in recent years been heavily criticized. Much of this criticism draws on some of the same fundamental flaws in the shamanistic approachExpand