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Principles of Critical Discourse Analysis
This paper discusses some principles of critical discourse analy- sis, such as the explicit sociopolitical stance of discourse analysts, and a focus on dominance relations by elite groups andExpand
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Strategies of discourse comprehension
rhetorical schemata to be discussed in what follows. Finally, schemata are descriptions, not definitions. The ‘bus’ schema contains information that is nor-
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Ideology: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Introduction PART ONE: COGNITION Ideas and Beliefs Social Beliefs Structures and Strategies Structures of Ideologies Values Mental Models Consistency Consciousness Common Sense Knowledge and TruthExpand
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Elite Discourse And Racism
Introduction Theoretical Framework Political Discourse Corporate Discourse Academic Discourse Educational Discourse Media Discourse Conclusions
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Discourse and the Denial of Racism
Within the broader framework of a research programme on the reproduction of racism in discourse and communication, the present article examines the prominent role of the denial of racism, especiall...
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Discourse and manipulation
‘Manipulation’ is one of the crucial notions of Critical Discourse Analysis that require further theoretical analysis. This article offers a triangulated approach to manipulation as a form of socialExpand
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Racism and the press
Preface 1. The Study of Racism and the Press 2. Theoretical Framework 3. Headlines 4. Subjects and Topics 5. News Schemata, Argumentation and Editorials 6. Quotations and Sources 7. Meanings andExpand
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Discourse and Power
  • T. Dijk
  • Political Science
  • 15 September 2008
Introduction Structures of Discourse And Structures of Power Discourse, Power and Access Discourse and Inequality. Critical Discourse Analysis Discourse and Racism Discourse and the Denial Of RacismExpand
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Ideology and discourse analysis
Contrary to most traditional approaches, ideologies are defined here within a multidisciplinary framework that combines a social, cognitive and discursive component. As ‘systems of ideas’, ideologiesExpand
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Critical Discourse Analysis
  • T. Dijk
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 1 October 1994
Critical discourse analysis (CDA) is a type of discourse analytical research that primarily studies the way social power abuse, dominance, and inequality are enacted, reproduced, and resisted by textExpand
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