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For many years the proponents of New Public Management (NPM) have promised to improve public services by making public sector organizations much more 'business-like'. There have been manyExpand
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Are case studies more than sophisticated storytelling?: Methodological problems of qualitative empirical research mainly based on semi-structured interviews
Qualitative empirical research and case studies have, like any other scientific method, their strengths and weaknesses. But how valid are the findings stemming from such research, particularly whenExpand
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Business Performance Measurement. Theory and Practice
Neely, Andy (ed.): Business Performance Measurement. Theory and Practice Cambridge University Press, 2002, ISBN 052180342X, EUR 55,58 During the 1980s it became ever clearer that the leadingExpand
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Enabling supply chain segmentation through demand profiling
Purpose – Whilst there are a plethora of theoretical ideas regarding a segmented approach to supply chain strategy, there is paucity of empirical data. This paper aims to present the results of aExpand
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Formal and Informal Hierarchy in Different Types of Organization
This paper addresses the paradox that despite all organizational change towards flatter and postmodern organizations, hierarchical order is quite persistent. We develop a differentiated understandingExpand
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The managerialistic ideology of organisational change management
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to shed some light on the reasons and circumstances why strategic change initiatives based on new public management and managerialism go wrong. In particular,Expand
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Membrane Recycling in the Neuronal Growth Cone Revealed by FM1–43 Labeling
Membrane dynamics within the chick ciliary neuronal growth cone were investigated by using the membrane-impermeant dye FM1–43. A depolarization-evoked endocytosis was observed that shared manyExpand
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Getting Organizational Change Right in Public Services: The Case of European Higher Education
Abstract The purpose of this article is to instigate further debate on why organizational change is currently being initiated and how it is being managed in European Higher Education. It providesExpand
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Myosin 1c and myosin IIB serve opposing roles in lamellipodial dynamics of the neuronal growth cone
The myosin family of motor proteins is implicated in mediating actin-based growth cone motility, but the roles of many myosins remain unclear. We previously implicated myosin 1c (M1c; formerly myosinExpand
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Neurite branch development of an identified serotonergic neuron from embryonic Helisoma: evidence for autoregulation by serotonin.
Previous studies have shown that in select neurons, neurite outgrowth can be regulated by the same neurotransmitter that is synthesized and released by those neurons. However, it is not known whetherExpand
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