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A molecular phylogeny shows the single origin of the Pyrenean subterranean Trechini ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae).
All Pyrenean highly modified subterranean taxa are found to be monophyletic, to the exclusion of all epigean and all subterranean species from other geographical areas (Cantabrian and Iberian mountains, Alps), and the origin of the subterranean clade is estimated at ca. Expand
Empirical assessment of RAD sequencing for interspecific phylogeny.
Analysis of the RAD library produced 400× more sites than the Sanger approach, suggesting that RAD-seq is promising to infer phylogeny of eukaryotic species, though potential biases need to be evaluated and new methodologies developed to take full advantage of such data. Expand
Molecular systematics and evolutionary history of the genus Carabus (Col. Carabidae).
Despite the number of evolutionary, ecological and conservation studies that are conducted on Carabus, the global evolutionary history of the genus remains poorly understood. Here, we analysed 7.5Expand
The epipleural field in hexapods
L'etude d'especes neoteniques a aussi montre la persistance du veritable sternite qui habituellement s'invagine pour former les conduits vaginaux lors du deplacement vers l'arriere (epitopie) du gonopore. Expand
Le premier hybride mâle entre Chrysocarabus et Megodontus dans le genre Carabus L., 1758 (Coleoptera Carabidae)
Description d'un hybride naturel intersubgenerique dans le genre Carabus L., 1758, issu du croisement C. (Chrysocarabus) auronitens auronitens x C. (Megodontus) violaceus purpurascens. Pour laExpand
Orthogonius species and diversity in Thailand (Coleoptera, Caraboidea, Orthogoniini), a result from the TIGER project
In total, 30 species of Orthogonius have been recorded from Thailand, indicating that Thailand holds one of the richest Orthog onius faunas in the world. Expand
What is the epipleurite? A contribution to the subcoxal theory as applied to the insect abdomen
The body plan of the insect abdomen underlines the morphological and functional importance of the subcoxa in its fundamental structure, but the study of the Hexapoda in general indicates the presence of a more proximal segment, the precoxa, which would belong to the groundplan but is more cryptic because it is often closely associated with the sub coxa and/or the paranotal lobe. Expand
A Provisional Species Checklist of the Oriental Orthogoninae (Coleoptera:Caraboidea)
A provisional species checklist of the Oriental subfamily Orthog oninae is provided and Actenocus punctatus Tian et Deuve, 2006 is confirmed as a good species, rather than a junior synonym of Orthogonius crassicrus Chaudoir, 1871 proposed by Kirschenhofer (2010). Expand