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State of the Art for Genetic Algorithms and Beyond in Water Resources Planning and Management
During the last two decades, the water resources planning and management profession has seen a dramatic increase in the development and application of various types of evolutionary algorithms (EAs).Expand
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Climate change and its implications for water resources management in south Florida
Recent climate change projections suggest that negative impacts on flood control and water supply functions and on existing and future ecosystem restoration projects in south Florida are possible. AnExpand
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El Niño Southern Oscillation link to the Blue Nile River Basin hydrology
The objective of this study is to evaluate the relationships of El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) indices and the Blue Nile River Basin hydrology using a new approach that tracks cumulative ENSOExpand
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Spatial, inter and intra-annual variability of the Upper Blue Nile Basin rainfall.
In this study, monthly and annual Upper Blue Nile Basin rainfall data were analyzed to learn the rainfall statistics and its temporal and spatial distribution. Frequency analysis and spatialExpand
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Evaporation Estimation of Rift Valley Lakes: Comparison of Models
We study the applicability of the Simple Method (Abtew Method) of lake evaporation estimation and surface energy balance approach using remote sensing was studied. Expand
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Low and high flow analyses and wavelet application for characterization of the Blue Nile River system
The low and high flow characteristic of the Blue Nile River (BNR) basin is presented. The study discusses low and high flow, flow duration curve (FDC) and trend analysis of the BNR and its majorExpand
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Hydrological Variability and Climate of the Upper Blue Nile River Basin
This chapter discusses the hydrometeorology, land use, soils, topography, agroecological zones, extreme flows, climatic variability and climatic teleconnections of the upper Blue Nile River basin.Expand
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Artificial Life Algorithm for Management of Multi-reservoir River Systems
The design and operation of civil engineering systems, particularly water resources systems, has been pursued from the perspective of minimizing costs and related negative impacts, maximizingExpand
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Evolutionary computation to control unnatural water level fluctuations in multi-reservoir river systems
A methodology and computational model for evaluation and optimization of dam operations in multi-reservoir river systems is presented. The optimal dam operation scheme was defined as that whichExpand
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