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New insights on the matter-gravity coupling paradigm.
The coupling between matter and gravity in general relativity is given by a proportionality relation between the stress tensor and the geometry. This is an oriented assumption driven by the fact thatExpand
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Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity: Phenomenology of nonlinear gravity-matter coupling
Viable corrections to the matter sector of Poisson's equation may result in qualitatively different astrophysical phenomenology, for example the gravitational collapse and the properties of compactExpand
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Compact stars in Eddington inspired gravity.
A new, Eddington inspired theory of gravity was recently proposed by Bañados and Ferreira. It is equivalent to general relativity in vacuum, but differs from it inside matter. This viable,Expand
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Perturbative non-uniform black strings in AdS6
We construct the non-uniform AdS black string solution with a perturbation theory in six dimensions, focusing on the backreacting second order correction. The backreactions at second order give theExpand
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Charged-spinning-gravitating Q-balls
We consider the lagrangian of a self-interacting complex scalar field admitting generically Q-balls solutions. This model is extended by minimal coupling to electromagnetism and to gravity. AExpand
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Non-perturbative spinning black holes in dynamical Chern–Simons gravity
Abstract Spinning black holes in dynamical Einstein–Chern–Simons gravity are constructed by directly solving the field equations, without resorting to any perturbative expansion. This model isExpand
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Van Der Waals black holes in d dimensions
A bstractWe generalize the recent solution proposed by Rajagopal et al. to arbitrary number of dimensions and horizon topologies. We comment on the regime of validity of these solution. Among ourExpand
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Anti de Sitter black holes and branes in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity: perturbations, stability and the hydrodynamic modes
Dynamical Chern-Simons (DCS) theory is an extension of General Relativity in which the gravitational field is coupled to a scalar field through a parity violating term. We study perturbations ofExpand
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Atelier "Lumière sur les trous noirs"
2 19 M ay 2 00 6 Skyrmion and Skyrme-Black holes in de Sitter spacetime
Numerical arguments are presented for the existence of regular and black hole solutions of the EinsteinSkyrme equations with a positive cosmological constant. These classical configurations approachExpand