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Aerodynamic study of different cyclist positions: CFD analysis and full-scale wind-tunnel tests.
Three different cyclist positions were evaluated with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind-tunnel experiments were used to provide reliable data to evaluate the accuracy of the CFDExpand
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Computational fluid dynamics analysis of cyclist aerodynamics: performance of different turbulence-modelling and boundary-layer modelling approaches.
This study aims at assessing the accuracy of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for applications in sports aerodynamics, for example for drag predictions of swimmers, cyclists or skiers, byExpand
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Advanced computational modelling for drying processes – A review
Drying is one of the most complex and energy-consuming chemical unit operations. R&D efforts in drying technology have skyrocketed in the past decades, as new drivers emerged in this industry next toExpand
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Nondestructive measurement of fruit and vegetable quality.
We review nondestructive techniques for measuring internal and external quality attributes of fruit and vegetables, such as color, size and shape, flavor, texture, and absence of defects. Expand
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Multiscale modeling in food engineering
Since many years food engineers have attempted to describe physical phenomena such as heat and mass transfer that occur in food during unit operations by means of mathematical models. Foods areExpand
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Feasibility of ambient loading of citrus fruit into refrigerated containers for cooling during marine transport
As an alternative to forced-air precooling, warm loading of citrus fruit into refrigerated containers for cooling during marine transport was explored. This practice could provide several logisticExpand
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Comparison of X-ray CT and MRI of watercore disorder of different apple cultivars
Abstract Watercore is an internal disorder that appears as water-soaked, glassy regions near the core in apples. Fast and non-destructive solutions for sensing watercore would be readily accepted inExpand
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Review: Convective heat and mass exchange predictions at leaf surfaces: Applications, methods and perspectives
Convective heat and mass exchange of leaves with the environment is relevant for a better understanding of plant physiological processes in response to environmental factors for a wide range ofExpand
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Forced-convective cooling of citrus fruit: Cooling conditions and energy consumption in relation to package design
Abstract The performance of an existing container for orange fruit and two new designs, stacked on a pallet, has been evaluated for forced-convective precooling using computational fluid dynamics.Expand
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