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New tools, new insights: Kohlberg’s moral judgement stages revisited
In this paper, four sets of data, collected by four different research teams over a period of 30 years are examined. Common item equating, which yielded correlations from .94 to .97 across datasets,Expand
A comparison of three developmental stage scoring systems.
  • T. Dawson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of applied measurement
  • 2002
The multidimensional model reveals that even though the scoring systems rely upon different criteria and the data were collected using different methods and scored by different teams of raters, the SISS, GLSS, and HCSS all appear to measure the same latent variable. Expand
Assessing Intellectual Development: Three Approaches, One Sequence
In this paper, I compare three developmental assessment systems, employed to score a set of 152 interviews of engineering students: the Perry Scoring System (W. G. Perry, 1970), the HierarchicalExpand
A Stage Is a Stage Is a Stage: A Direct Comparison of Two Scoring Systems
  • T. Dawson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of genetic psychology
  • 1 September 2003
Although standard issue scoring and hierarchical complexity scoring often awarded different scores up to Kohlberg's Moral Stage 2/3, from his Moral Stage 3 onward, scores awarded with the two systems predominantly agreed. Expand
Contributions of Academic Language, Perspective Taking, and Complex Reasoning to Deep Reading Comprehension
ABSTRACT Deep reading comprehension refers to the process required to succeed at tasks defined by the Common Core State Literacy Standards, as well as to achieve proficiency on the more challengingExpand
Using Rasch scaled stage scores to validate orders of hierarchical complexity of balance beam task sequences.
It was found that The Model of Hierarchical Complexity was highly accurate in predicting the Rasch Stage scores of the performed tasks, therefore providing an analytic and developmental basis for the RasCh scaled stages. Expand
Developing conceptions of authority and contract across the lifespan: Two perspectives ☆
Abstract Kohlberg’s moral stage scale is but one of a number of “Piagetian” developmental scales proposed during the latter part of this century. Kohlberg claimed that his moral stages fulfilled theExpand
Layers of Structure : A comparison of two approaches to developmental assessment
Proponents of domain-specific cognitive developmental assessment systems argue that development in particular knowledge domains is characterized by domain-specific structures, concluding from thisExpand
Cycles of Research and Application in Education: Learning Pathways for Energy Concepts.
ABSTRACT— We begin this article by situating a methodology called developmental maieutics in the emerging field of mind, brain, and education. Then, we describe aspects of a project in which weExpand
We are all learning here : Cycles of research and application in adult development
This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of a specific methodology—developmental maieutics—designed to bridge developmental research and practice by setting up an ongoing conversation between testExpand