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New developments in the post-Jungian field
In university settings, it is my habit to begin lectures on analytical psychology, especially to those not taking degrees in Jungian psychology, by asking those present to do a simple associationExpand
Book Reviews
This is a balanced, comprehensive, and exhaustively documented study in the routinization of violent technology. And like previous cases— the machine gun, TNT, and gas weaponry—it follows a familiarExpand
«Light enough to trusten by»: structure and experience in Silas Marner
Silas Marner (1861), always a favourite with readers, was until recently considered too obvious and too lightweight to merit serious critical discussion. In 1949, F. R. Leavis echoed the views ofExpand
The MLA Convention, San Francisco, 27-30 December, I987
San Francisco has breathtaking vistas. As stunning as Rio or Hong Kong, and more varied and cosmopolitan than either, it has been dubbed everyone’s favourite city. But it has a problem: itsExpand
Myth and the creative imagination in The Book of Urizen
William Blake is best known and admired for Songs of Innocence and Experience. The same year as he completed it, he also published the earliest in his series of so-called ‘prophetic books’ thatExpand
Collective History and Personal Hurt: Fernando Pessoa, Álvaro de Campos and “Maritime Ode”
Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century: for example, by poet Octavio Paz and literary critic Harold Bloom. French philosopher AlainExpand