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Body Size of Tiger Snakes in Southern Australia, with Particular Reference to Notechis ater serventyi (Elapidae) on Chappell Island
Insular gigantism was studied in a large, field-caught sample of Australian tiger snakes (Notechis ater serventyi), on Chappell Island, Bass Strait, to determine which of three hypotheses (foodExpand
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Natural and Unnatural Extinction Rates of Reptiles on Islands
A recurrent debate in island biogeography centers on the relative importance of ecological and historical factors in accounting for the number and the identities of species on islands. HistoricalExpand
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Body size and sexual dimorphism in mainland and island tiger snakes
FOWLER, L. E. 1979. Hatching success and nest predation in the green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, at Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Ecology 60(5):946-955. FUJIWARA, M. 1964. Some cases of spontaneousExpand
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A field study of thermoregulation in black tiger snakes (Notechis ater niger: Elapidae) on the Franklin Islands, south Australia
Etude des temperatures d'activite diurnes et saisonnieres et description du comportement chez N. ater niger dans les iles Franklin, au sud de l'Australie
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Island/mainland body size differences in Australian varanid lizards
Island varanids seem to be an exception to the rule that territorial vertebrate taxa often become gigantic relative to mainland relatives when on islands, whereas non-territorial species becomeExpand
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Genetic Relationships among the Tasmanian Scincid Lizards of the Genus Niveoscincus
Six of the eight species belonging to the scincid lizard genus Niveoscincus are restricted to Tasmania. These species are known to be closely related, based on earlier MC'F comparisons; we here useExpand
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