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Pursuit-evasion in a graph
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Isomorphism of circulant graphs and digraphs
We prove the conjecture true if n = pq where p and q are distinct primes. Expand
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1. Introduction. A useful general strategy for the construction of interesting families of vertex-transitive graphs is to begin with some family of transitive permutation groups and to construct forExpand
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Graphs from Projective Planes
The orthogonality relation among subspaces of a finite vector space is studied here by means of the corresponding graph. In the case we consider, this graph has some highly symmetric inducedExpand
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Path-cycle Ramsey numbers
In this paper, the Ramsey numbers are obtained for all path-cycle pairs. Expand
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Ramsey graphs and block designs. I
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Path-Star Ramsey numbers
Abstract Let f ( m , n ) be the least integer N such that for every graph G with N vertices, either G contains a path of m vertices or the complement of G contains a vertex of degree at least n .Expand
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Ramsey Graphs and Block Designs
  • T. D. Parsons
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A
  • 1976
Symmetric (ν, κ, λ)-block designs admitting polarity maps are shown to be closely related to certain Ramsey numbers for bipartite graphs. Expand
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On Hamiltonian Cycles in Metacirculant Graphs
In this paper it is shown that every connected metacirculant with an odd number of vertices greater than one and with blocks of prime cardinality has a hamiltonian cycle.
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The Ramsey numbers r(Pm, Kn)
This note evaluates the Ramsey numbers r(P"m,K"n), and discusses developments in 0 generalized Ramsey theory for graphs. Expand
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