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Craniofacial ontogeny in Tyrannosauridae (Dinosauria, Coelurosauria)
ABSTRACT A study of ontogenetic variation is used to clarify aspects of tyrannosaurid taxonomy and investigate the supposed phenomenon of dwarfism in the clade. A hypothetical ontogenetic trajectoryExpand
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Planetary radio astronomy observations from voyager 1 near saturn.
The Voyager 1 planetary radio astronomy experiment detected two distinct kinds of radio emissions from Saturn. The first, Saturn kilometric radiation, is strongly polarized, bursty, tightlyExpand
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A redefinition of Jupiter's rotation period
We measured the rotation period of Jupiter's inner magnetosphere with precision previously unattainable, using 35 years of observations of the Jovian decametric radiation at the University of FloridaExpand
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Abnormalities of spatial discrimination in focal and generalized dystonia.
Sensory processing is impaired in focal hand dystonia (FHD), with most previous studies having evaluated only the symptomatic limb. The purpose of this study was to establish whether the sensoryExpand
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Voyager Planetary Radio Astronomy at Neptune
Detection of very intense short radio bursts from Neptune was possible as early as 30 days before closest approach and at least 22 days after closest approach. The bursts lay at frequencies in theExpand
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Impulsive radio discharges near Saturn
An unexpected type of emission was observed during the Voyager 1 Saturn encounter. This consisted of periodic episodes of many impulsive discharges throughout the frequency range (20.4 kHz to 40.2Expand
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A new determination of Jupiter's radio rotation period
The result of a measurement of the period of rotation of Jupiter's inner magnetosphere with unprecendented precision is presented. The measurement was made from the University of Florida database ofExpand
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Pain and fear ratings: clinical implications of age and gender differences.
The study investigated the relationships among children's self-report of anticipatory pain and fear, physiological measures of distress, and previous medical experience in 62 outpatients duringExpand
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Voyager 1 Planetary Radio Astronomy Observations Near Jupiter
We report results from the first low-frequency radio receiver to be transported into the Jupiter magnetosphere. We obtained dramatic new information, both because Voyager was near or in Jupiter'sExpand
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Voyager 2 Radio Observations of Uranus
Within distances to Uranus of about 6 x 106 kilometers (inbound) and 35 x 106 kilometers (outbound), the planetary radio astronomy experiment aboard Voyager 2 detected a wide variety of radioExpand
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