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Torsion and geometrostasis in nonlinear sigma models
Abstract We discuss some general effects produced by adding Wess-Zumino terms to the actions of nonlinear sigma models, an addition which may be made if the underlying field manifold has appropriateExpand
Generalized gauge fields
Abstract Higher rank Lorentz tensors with mixed spacetime index permutation symmetry are shown to be gauge fields. Theoretical applications involving such fields are proposed.
Features of time-independent Wigner functions
The Wigner phase-space distribution function provides the basis for Moyal{close_quote}s deformation quantization alternative to the more conventional Hilbert space and path integral quantizations.Expand
Classical and quantum Nambu mechanics
The classical and quantum features of Nambu mechanics are analyzed and fundamental issues are resolved. The classical theory is reviewed and developed utilizing varied examples. The quantum theory isExpand
Quantum mechanics in phase space : an overview with selected papers
In addition to the presentation speeches and the Nobel lectures, these volumes also provide brief biographies and the Nobel laureates' own accounts of their many years of preparation and effort thatExpand
Charge renormalization and high spin fields
Abstract A simple physical interpretation of charge renormalization in non-abelian theories permits the rapid determination of s (one-loop) in models containing high spins ( S > 1). For any possibleExpand
Massless field supermultiplets with arbitrary spin
Abstract Lagrangians for massless free fields with arbitrary spins are derived by postulating gauge transformations for these fields. Global supersymmetry field variations are then exhibited for aExpand
Ternary Virasoro-Witt Algebra
Abstract A 3-bracket variant of the Virasoro–Witt algebra is constructed through the use of su ( 1 , 1 ) enveloping algebra techniques. The Leibniz rules for 3-brackets acting on other 3-brackets inExpand
Biorthogonal quantum systems
Models of PT symmetric quantum mechanics provide examples of biorthogonal quantum systems. The latter incorporate all the structure of PT symmetric models, and allow for generalizations, especiallyExpand