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The Gray Needle: Large Grains in the HD 15115 Debris Disk from LBT/PISCES/Ks and LBTI/LMIRcam/L' Adaptive Optics Imaging
We present diffraction-limited Ks band and L' adaptive optics images of the edge-on debris disk around the nearby F2 star HD 15115, obtained with a single 8.4 m primary mirror at the Large BinocularExpand
High-contrast Near-infrared Imaging Polarimetry of the Protoplanetary Disk around RY TAU
We present near-infrared coronagraphic imaging polarimetry of RY Tau. The scattered light in the circumstellar environment was imaged at the H band at a high resolution (~0.''05) for the first time,Expand
Recovery of the Candidate Protoplanet HD 100546 b with Gemini/NICI and Detection of Additional (Planet-Induced?) Disk Structure at Small Separations
We report the first independent, second-epoch (re-)detection of a directly-imaged protoplanet candidate. Using $L^\prime$ high-contrast imaging of HD 100546 taken with the Near-Infrared CoronagraphExpand
The Matryoshka Disk: Keck/NIRC2 Discovery of a Solar System-Scale, Radially Segregated Residual Protoplanetary Disk Around HD 141569A
Using Keck/NIRC2 $L^\prime$ (3.78 $\mu m$) data, we report the direct imaging discovery of a scattered light-resolved, solar system-scale residual protoplanetary disk around the young A-type star HDExpand
GPI PSF subtraction with TLOCI: the next evolution in exoplanet/disk high-contrast imaging
A new algorithm, TLOCI (for Template LOCI), is designed to achieve this task by maximizing a companion signal-to-noise ratio instead of simply minimizing the noise as in the original LOCI algorithm, and has achieved impressive contrast. Expand
ALMA Detection of Extended Millimeter Halos in the HD 32297 and HD 61005 Debris Disks
We present ALMA 1.3 mm (230 GHz) observations of the HD 32297 and HD 61005 debris disks, two of the most iconic debris disks due to their dramatic swept-back wings seen in scattered light images.Expand
Extreme asymmetry in the polarized disk of V1247 Orionis
We present the first near-infrared scattered-light detection of the transitional disk around V1247 Ori, which was obtained using high-resolution polarimetric differential imaging observations withExpand
The Pulsar Planets: A Test Case of Terrestrial Planet Assembly
We model the assembly of planets from planetary embryos under the conditions suggested by various scenarios for the formation of the planetary system around the millisecond pulsar B1257+12. We findExpand
SEEDS Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Asymmetric Transition Disk Oph IRS 48 in Scattered Light
We present the first resolved near infrared imagery of the transition disk Oph IRS 48 (WLY 2-48), which was recently observed with ALMA to have a strongly asymmetric sub-millimeter flux distribution.Expand
Thermal Infrared Imaging and Atmospheric Modeling of VHS J125601.92-125723.9 b: Evidence for Moderately Thick Clouds and Equilibrium Carbon Chemistry in a Hierarchical Triple System
We present and analyze Subaru/IRCS L' and M' images of the nearby M dwarf VHS J125601.92-125723.9 (VHS 1256), which was recently claimed to have a ~11 M_Jup companion (VHS 1256 b) at ~102 auExpand