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Predator-Induced Life-History Shifts in a Freshwater Snail
The snail Physella virgata virgata, a widely distributed freshwater pulmonate, was observed to change its life-history characteristics in the presence of the crayfish Orconectes virilis in spring-fedExpand
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The relationship between land use and physicochemistry, food resources and macroinvertebrate communities in tributaries of the Taieri River, New Zealand: a hierarchically scaled approach
1. The relationship between land use and stream conditions was investigated, including physicochemistry, the availability of primary food resources and species richness, species composition andExpand
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Fragmented population structure in a native New Zealand fish: an effect of introduced brown trout?
We conducted a survey of 198 sites in eight catchments in the Taieri River drainage of the South Island, New Zealand, and found a strong negative association between the distributions of introducedExpand
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Effects of extreme low flows on freshwater shrimps in a perennial tropical stream.
1. Long-term data on rainfall suggests that perennial rainforest streams rarely are subject to drying of riffles or pools in the wet, non-seasonal Caribbean climate of Puerto Rico. Unusually lowExpand
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Structural and Functional Responses of a Subtropical Forest to 10 Years of Hurricanes and Droughts
Little is known about ecosystem-level responses to multiple, climatic disturbance events. In the subtropical forests of Puerto Rico, the major natural disturbances are hurricanes and droughts. WeExpand
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Upstream migration of amphidromous shrimps in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico: temporal patterns and environmental cues
Abstract Several species of amphidromous shrimp play important roles in the food webs of Neotropical freshwater stream ecosystems. We quantified the timing and magnitude of the upstream migration ofExpand
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Competition for space between introduced brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) and a native galaxiid (Galaxias vulgaris Stokell) in a New Zealand stream
Increasing circumstantial evidence indicates that the introduction of brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) to New Zealand has caused a widespread decline in native fish populations but few of the underlyingExpand
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Isozyme analysis of Galaxias species (Teleostei: Galaxiidae) from the Taieri River, South Island, New Zealand: a species complex revealed
Abstract We examined genetic differentiation among 23 samples of non-migratory river galaxias from 17 streams in the Taieri River system, South Island, New Zealand. Four major genetic types wereExpand
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Effects of drought and hurricane disturbances on headwater distributions of palaemonid river shrimp (Macrobrachium spp.) in the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico
Abstract Extreme events (hurricanes, floods, and droughts) can influence upstream migration of macroinvertebrates and wash out benthic communities, thereby locally altering food webs and speciesExpand
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