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Rugby's Great Split: Class, Culture and the Origins of Rugby League Football
Since it's first publication, Rugby's Great Split has established itself as a classic in the field of sport history. Drawing on an unprecedented range of sources, this deeply researched and highlyExpand
Rugby League in Twentieth Century Britain: A Social and Cultural History
Preface Introduction 1. Rugby League and the First World War 2. League on the Dole? The game in the depression years 3. Masters and Servants: The Professional Player 1919-39 4. Wembley and the RoadExpand
Mud, sweat and beers : a cultural history of sport and alcohol
Introduction 1 This Sporting House: The Pub and Sport 2 A Thirsty Business: The Drinks Industry and Sport 3 Cheers! Alcohol and the Sporting Crowd 4 A Little of What Does You Good? Alcohol, theExpand
A Social History of English Rugby Union
1. Tom Brown's Game 2. The Amateur Game 3. A Man's Game 4. The War Game 5. The Middle-Class Game 6. The Imperial Game 7. A Player's Game 8. A Divided Game 9. A Reborn Game? Epilogue
Sport in Capitalist Society: A Short History
Introduction 1. Capitalism and the Birth of Modern Sport 2. Class Conflict and the Decline of Traditional Games 3. Sport, Nationalism and the French Revolution 4. The Middle-Class Invention ofExpand
History, Theory and the ‘Civilizing Process’
Eric Dunning and Kenneth Sheard, Barbarians, Gentlemen and Players: A Sociological Study of the Development of Rugby Football , 2nd edn (London: Routledge, 2005). Pp. 310 £70.00 (hb) and £22.99 (pb).Expand
Crash: Learning From The World's Worst Computer Disasters
From the Publisher: This text examines in detail the case histories of many of the worst computer crashes and software failures, revealing the lessons to be learnt from each. The same ten factorsExpand
The Invention of Sporting Tradition: National Myths, Imperial Pasts and the Origins of Australian Rules Football
The history of sport has become a palimpsest. Meanings, interpretations and purposes are written and rewritten over that history as people seek to give a broader significance to the act of play.Expand
Amateurism and the Rise of Managerialism: The Case of Rugby Union, 1871–1995
This article explores the complex relationship between English rugby union and coaching since the formation of the Rugby Football Union in 1871. Using archival sources, handbooks, manuals and a wideExpand