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Effects of caffeine on session ratings of perceived exertion
This study examined effects of caffeine on session ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) following 30 min constant-load cycling. Individuals (n = 15) of varying aerobic fitness completed a $$Expand
Hydration kinetics and 10-km outdoor running performance following 75% versus 150% between bout fluid replacement
Abstract Current American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines recommend replacing 150% of sweat losses between training bouts separated by ≤12 hours, but little evidence exists concerningExpand
Influence of Terminal RPE on Session RPE
Abstract Hornsby, JH, Green, JM, O'Neal, EK, Killen, LL, McIntosh, JR, and Coates, TE. Influence of terminal RPE on session RPE. J Strength Cond Res 27(10): 2800–2805, 2013—Session rating ofExpand
Effects Of Caffeine On Repeated Upper/lower Body Wingates And Handgrip Performance: 2751 Board #37 May 30, 2
International Journal of Exercise Science 8(3): 243-255, 2015. Caffeine enhances aerobic performance, but research is equivocal regarding anaerobic performance. This study examined effects ofExpand