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AMG Strategies for PDE Systems with Applications in Industrial Semiconductor Simulation
A general AMG methodology which is suitable for important classes of industrially relevant PDE systems and extends classical AMG by a straightforward unknown and a particularly powerful point-based strategy is introduced. Expand
Algebraic Multigrid Methods (AMG) for the Efficient Solution of Fully Implicit Formulations in Reservoir Simulation
This work discusses strategies for solving the fully implicit systems that preserve (or generate) the desired ellipticity property required by AMG methods and introduces an iterative coupling scheme as an alternative to fully implicit formulations that is faster and also amenable for AMG implementations. Expand
Computing Surrogates for Gas Network Simulation Using Model Order Reduction
An introductory survey of both methods is given, their application to gas transport problems is discussed, and both methods are compared by means of a simple test case from industrial practice. Expand
Model Order Reduction of Differential Algebraic Equations Arising from the Simulation of Gas Transport Networks
We explore the Tractability Index of Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs) that emerge in the simulation of gas transport networks. Depending on the complexity of the network, systems of index 1 orExpand
Hierarchical Simulation of Process Variations and Their Impact on Circuits and Systems: Methodology
Process variations increasingly challenge the manufacturability of advanced devices and the yield of integrated circuits. Technology computer-aided design (TCAD) has the potential to make keyExpand
Advanced Mode Analysis for Crash Simulation Results
Potential scatter of simulation results caused, for example, by buckling, is still a challenging issue for predictability. Principle component analysis (PCA) and correlation clustering are well-knownExpand
Robustness Measures and Numerical Approximation of the Cumulative Density Function of Response Surfaces
A new approach for uncertainty propagation is presented, supplemented by a comparative study of various methods, design of experiments in combination with quantile and kernel density estimation to approximate the cumulative density function of the response. Expand
Algebraic Multigrid for Industrial Semiconductor Device Simulation
A general framework for so-called point-based approaches is outlined and it is shown that this framework allows to construct robust and fast algebraic multigrid approaches even for cases, where iterative one-level solvers of the type commonly used in such applications exhibit bad convergence or even fail. Expand
An Efficient Algebraic Multigrid Solver Strategy for Adaptive Implicit Methods in Oil Reservoir Simulation
To achieve a good compromise of high efficiency and robustness for a variety of problem classes – ranging from simple, small black-oil to challenging, large compositional models – an automatic, adaptive ILUT parameter and AMG solver switching strategy, α-SAMG, has been developed. Expand