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The policy process : a practical guide for natural resource professionals
This work is designed to teach natural resources professionals how to be more effective in solving conservation and environmental policy problems. Its presentation of basic concepts, case studies andExpand
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Improving the Evaluation of Conservation Programs
We provide examples of different types of conservation program evaluations, including moderated workshops and case-study analysis, and provide advice on the logistics and organization of the review. Expand
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Huntingtin Modulates Transcription, Occupies Gene Promoters In Vivo, and Binds Directly to DNA in a Polyglutamine-Dependent Manner
Transcriptional dysregulation is a central pathogenic mechanism in Huntington's disease, a fatal neurodegenerative disorder associated with polyglutamine (polyQ) expansion in the huntingtin (Htt)Expand
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Averting Extinction: Reconstructing Endangered Species Recovery
The black-footed ferret, once thought extinct, was rediscovered in Wyoming in 1981. In this book, Tim Clark tells the story of subsequent efforts to save the black-footed ferret, showing how itExpand
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Paleobiology, biogeography, and systematics of the black-footed ferret, Mustela nigripes (Audubon and Bachman), 1851
Extensive literature review and 48 mammal collections containing recent speciments of the endangered black-footed ferret ( Musela nigripes ) are used to characterize historic distribution of species.Expand
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Crafting Effective Solutions to the Large Carnivore Conservation Problem
How problems are defined and redefined largely dictates how they will (or if they can) be solved, especially complex problems such as the challenge of conserving large carnivores in North America. WeExpand
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A Practice-based Approach to Ecosystem Management
Ecosystem management is a rapidly evolving philosophy or paradigm of natural resource management intended to sustain the integrity of ecosystems. The problem is that principles of ecosystemExpand
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Attitudes and knowledge of people living in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem
Concerns over threats to the integrity of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) have increasingly led to calls for coordinated management of the region. To be most effective, GYE managementExpand
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Finding common ground in large carnivore conservation: mapping contending perspectives
Abstract Reducing current conflict over large carnivore conservation and designing effective strategies that enjoy broad public support depend on a better understanding of the values, beliefs, andExpand
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