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Negative Kerr nonlinearity of graphene as seen via chirped-pulse-pumped self-phase modulation
We experimentally demonstrate a negative Kerr nonlinearity for quasi-undoped graphene. Hereto, we introduce the method of chirped-pulse-pumped self-phase modulation and apply it to graphene-coveredExpand
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Graphene’s nonlinear-optical physics revealed through exponentially growing self-phase modulation
Graphene is considered a record-performance nonlinear-optical material on the basis of numerous experiments. The observed strong nonlinear response ascribed to the refractive part of graphene’sExpand
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Statistics of epitaxial graphene for Hall effect sensors
Abstract Epitaxial Chemical Vapor Deposition growth of graphene on silicon carbide is one of the most promising technologies to realize graphene-based electronics. Particularly, theExpand
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Graphene FET Gigabit ON–OFF Keying Demodulator at 96 GHz
We demonstrate the demodulation of a multi-Gb/s ON-OFF keying (OOK) signal on a 96 GHz carrier by utilizing a 250-nm graphene field-effect transistor as a zero bias power detector. From the eyeExpand
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Charge carrier concentration and offset voltage in quasi-free-standing monolayer chemical vapor deposition graphene on SiC
Abstract Epitaxial Chemical Vapor Deposition growth of graphene on silicon carbide offers the maturity and reliability expected for large-scale fabrication of graphene-based devices. In particular,Expand
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Properties of Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene Transferred by High-Speed Electrochemical Delamination
We report on the electrical characterization and Raman spectroscopy of chemical vapor deposition copper-grown graphene transferred onto a Si/SiO2 substrate by high-speed (1 mm/s) electrochemicalExpand
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Production and processing of graphene and related materials
© 2020 The Author(s). We present an overview of the main techniques for production and processing of graphene and related materials (GRMs), as well as the key characterization procedures. We adopt aExpand
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Sensitivity and Offset Voltage Testing in the Hall-Effect Sensors Made of Graphene
This paper presents the results of the hall effect testing in the graphene structures. Expand
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Fabrication and applications of multi-layer graphene stack on transparent polymer
In this report, we demonstrate the preparation method of a multi-layer stack with a pre-defined number of graphene layers, which was obtained using chemical vapor deposition graphene deposited on aExpand
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A W-band MMIC Resistive Mixer Based on Epitaxial Graphene FET
This letter presents the design, fabrication and characterization of the first graphene based monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) in microstrip technology operating in W-band. The circuitExpand
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