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A traffic flow lattice model considering relative current influence and its numerical simulation
Based on Xue's lattice model, an extended lattice model is proposed by considering the relative current information about next-nearest-neighbour sites ahead. The linear stability condition of theExpand
Car-following model based on the information of multiple ahead & velocity difference
A new car-following model termed as multiple ahead velocity difference(MAVD),which is a further extension for the existing model of full velocity difference(FVD)and multiple velocity differenceExpand
Density waves in a lattice hydrodynamic traffic flow model with the anticipation effect
By introducing the traffic anticipation effect in the real world into the original lattice hydrodynamic model, we present a new anticipation effect lattice hydrodynamic (AELH) model, and obtain theExpand
An extended two-lane traffic flow lattice model with driver’s delay time
In this paper, a new two-lane lattice model is presented by considering the effect of drivers’ delay in sensing relative flux. By means of the linear stability analysis, the effect of drivers’ delayExpand
A traffic flow lattice model with the consideration of driver anticipation effect and its numerical simulation
With the consideration of the effect of driver anticipation behavior on traffic flow, a new one-dimensional lattice model is proposed. The linear stability condition of the presented model isExpand
Design and Simulation of a Collaborative Propulsion System for the Underwater Robot
The mechanical structure of the propulsion system is presented in detail and specific design of the fluidic valve is explained by theoretical analysis and simulations about jet attachment effect and magnetic coupling characteristic have been conducted so as to lay a solid foundation for the feasibility of such novel propulsion system. Expand
Multiple optimal current difference effect in the lattice traffic flow model
Kerner and Konhauser study moving jam dynamics first discovered in 1993 in Ref. 1. In light of their previous work, a new lattice hydrodynamic model is presented with consideration of the effect ofExpand
Effect Analysis About Impulse-current Dispersal Regularity of Grounding Device Under Transient Ionization Phenomenon of Soil
When impulse current dissipates into earth through the grounding system,the impulse dispersal process is characterized with nonlinear feature as the result of the dynamic ionization of soil,whichExpand
The results calculated by direct analysis indicated that the best level combination of inducing factors for triploid in Pacific oyster was 25-25.5℃ water temperature, at 10 min after sperms and eggs confused and the fertilized eggs were rinsed continuously in sea water with 600 μmol/L 6 DMAP. Expand