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Abrupt warming of the Red Sea
[1] Coral reef ecosystems, often referred to as “marine rainforests,” concentrate the most diverse life in the oceans. Red Sea reef dwellers are adapted in a very warm environment, fact that makesExpand
QuickSCAT observations of extreme wind events over the Mediterranean and Black Seas during 2000–2008
A total of 9 years (2000–2008) of QuickSCAT hi-resolution (12.5 × 12.5 km) surface wind observations are employed to identify seasonal means and extreme (gale-force) events over the Mediterranean andExpand
Global lightning activity from the ENSO perspective
[1] The recently reprocessed (1998–2006) OTD/LIS space-based lightning database is used to investigate the global lightning climatology in response to the ENSO cycle. Temporal correlation mapsExpand
Preliminary lightning observations over Greece
[1] The first Precision Lightning Network, monitoring the Cloud-to-Ground (CG) lightning stroke activity over Greece and surrounding waters is operated and maintained by the Hellenic NationalExpand
The Influence of Large Dams on Surrounding Climate and Precipitation Patterns
Understanding the forcings exerted by large dams on local climate is key to establishing if artificial reservoirs inadvertently modify precipitation patterns in impounded river basins. Using a 30Expand
The Summer North Atlantic Oscillation Influence on the Eastern Mediterranean
AbstractThis study highlights an important and previously overlooked summer North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) influence over the eastern Mediterranean. The featured analysis is based on a synergisticExpand
Lightning flashes conducive to the production and escape of gamma radiation to space
[1] Gamma radiation observed in space has been associated with lightning flashes in thunderstorms. These special flashes do not appear to be the large and energetic positive ground flashes that alsoExpand
Error analysis for a long‐range lightning monitoring network of ground‐based receivers in Europe
[1] An experimental long-range lightning detection system consisting of a network (ZEUS) of six ground-based radio receivers has been deployed in Europe and has been operated since June 2001. TheExpand
Improving Convective Precipitation Forecasting through Assimilation of Regional Lightning Measurements in a Mesoscale Model
Abstract A technique developed for assimilating regional lightning measurements into a meteorological model is presented in this paper. The goal is to assess the effectiveness of cloud-to-ground (CG)Expand
Evaluation of a long-range lightning detection network with receivers in Europe and Africa
This study focuses on the performance evaluation of the experimental long-range lightning detection network Zeus, with receivers located in Europe and Africa. Expand